Kris Lyle has been working with me for going on 2 years through a difficult divorce. He has shown nothing but professionalism throughout out time working together. I have had a good experience overall even while dealing with a very hard personal situation.

- Meg P.

Kris was great to work with! Very easy to communicate with, took his time, I never felt rushed. He is insightful, well versed, and an overall good person. His knowledge of the subject is superior; he knows his way around and gave sound advice and direction. I felt his fees were more than fair for the quality of work performed.

- Bob H.

Kris Lyle is the best attorney you can hire, hands down. He's honest, realistic, and truly wants the best outcome for his clients. His team is amazing. The way they work together is like nothing I've experienced before. I wish Kris and his team represented me initially, but was I so lucky to have him when I needed him.

- Allie B.

Great experience with this firm. They were extremely organized, professional, and got me where I needed to be.

- Anna A.

Kris has been there to guide me from day one and has made a very stressful situation feel much more comfortable. He is incredibly knowledgeable, quick to answer questions, easy to communicate with, and you can tell he has a genuine interest in the wellbeing of his clients. I’ve periodically beat him up with questions over the past several years, and he continues to assist me, no questions asked. I was referred to him, and now, I would refer him to anyone.

- Brian H.

Kris is extremely professional and knowledgeable. He handled my case very efficiently and ultimately got the outcome I deserved. Would 100% recommend to anyone. I wish I would have used him in my original divorce.

- Brian L.

Number 77. I chose to work with Lyle Law because of their excellent reviews. I am glad to report that I am number 77 to give Kris a perfect 5 star review. Kris represented me in a complex case involving the transfer of orders from another state, renegotiating a parenting plan and modification of the child support order. Kris is amazingly knowledgeable in family law. He is a great listener, responsive and incredibly empathetic. I would suggest you end your search here, because I promise you will not find a better family law attorney to represent you.

- Ryan B.

I interviewed, and paid to interview, several divorce attorneys before I met Kris Lyle. The process is never easy, and all you hear is nightmare stories, so you are looking for someone you feel will make that better...Kris accomplished the impossible! The expectations were clearly outlined, the follow-up was incredible, the communication was punctual and understandable. I watched my ex-wife's attorney waste countless billing hours for senseless activities, and never once did I feel Kris was doing that with my time or money. Kris operated in my best interest at all times and I never once felt otherwise. Without a doubt Kris will receive my endorsement as the best of the best. I am lucky that I partnered - and it really was a partnership - with the best family attorney in KC.

- Adam B.

Genuinely cares about his clients and very easy to work with. He made me feel very comfortable throughout the entire process.

- Melissa P.

Kris is always very responsive. Practical with his reasoning when emotions can run high. Helps take a bad situation with with best outcome. Highly recommend

- Dan D.

Thank you for your time and help, you were the only attorney willing to take a leap of faith in me. Thank you!

- Danielle M.

Genuinely cares about his clients and very easy to work with. He made me feel very comfortable throughout the entire process.

- Melissa P.

This is the first time I am writing a review during my entire life. I found Kristopher by googling and was impressed after going through all his reviews. I never thought I would need a family attorney, When I am going through a hard time and in need of an attorney, I spoke with Kris, he explained me everything in detail and helped me throughout the entire divorce process. He communicates promptly and always responds in a timely manner and get things done. I would recommend Kris incase if you are looking for attorney.

- Slegal P.

Excellent responsiveness. Thoughtful, well versed in his areas of expertise. Listened well and appreciated his direct assessments, recommendations. Definitely would recommend

- Eric M.

I live out of state and found Kristopher Lyle by googling “best family law attorney in Johnson County” I read all of his reviews and was very impressed. I’ve had to retain two attorneys. Kansas/California. With that being said, don’t waste your time looking anywhere else!! His reviews speak volumes. My situation has been very stressful and I have always felt 100% confident with Kris from the moment I talked to him. I have been at ease knowing that he is professional and knowledgeable. He researched my specific case and was very quick at responding to any questions and concerns I’ve had. If you have the wrong attorney (which I’ve had in California) the process of court, depositions and paperwork can be exhausting, stressful and expensive. Make sure you have the RIGHT attorney during this process, it will make ALL the difference in the world. My child is not a material possession, like a car for example. Don’t hire an attoney that looks at your case as such (they are out there). Kris knows the law and is personable & passionate. I am highly recommending Kris. You are insane to go elsewhere. Thank you, Kris!!

- Jamie G.

I never thought I would ever need a divorce attorney! But, I did.
I had spoken to three other attorneys before deciding Kris was the one I felt most comfortable with. After educating me on what I was entitled to and what was fair in my thirty three year marriage, he listened to me on what I wanted my divorce to look like. I didn’t feel any pressure from him to seek more than I was asking from my ex husband.
He was very available for questions and timely in reply’s.

Thank you Kris for guiding me through a stressful situation!

- Mary H.

Kris was very professional and informative. He answered any questions I had and made a very difficult time much easier. Highly recommend Kris if you are needing a lawyers assistance.

- Billy T.

Kris was incredible in helping out my wife in her child custody case. Kris was extremely professional and always responded in a timely manner. I highly recommend Kris!

- Joe S.

I was not looking forward to having to go back to court to make some adjustments to my current parenting plan but Kris really helped me through everything. He was very helpful, attentive, and amazing. He helped me get everything I wanted and then some. When we were in court, he was very thorough, strategic, and professional. I highly recommend him to anyone.

- Caroline M.

Kris is always very responsive and looks out for your best interest. Would highly recommend.

- Clint G.

Kris is a great family lawyer. He communicates promptly and gets things done. Would highly recommend.

- S. Mustafa K.

Nobody ever hopes to be in a position where you need a divorce attorney, but if you do find yourself there, Kris will take good care of you. He’s responsive, knows and meets all deadlines and quite frankly makes other attorneys look under qualified in this space.

- Travis H.

I was hesitant about the divorce process and how it would play out. But after speaking with Kris I felt very confident that he was able to protect myself and my children. Very grateful for his services.

- Kathleen C.

Hired Mr. Lyle when my previous attorney wasn't fighting how I needed. Mr. Lyle performed professionally and constant all the way through. He took the time to know what I wanted as an end plan and he fought for what I requested. Would recommend to anyone having issues with child custody rulings.

- Stefanny A.

Kristopher was great. We appreciated how prompt, thorough and responsive he was during the process to update our Parenting Plan. We would recommend him to anyone.

- Jenna P.

Mr. Lyle is an amazing attorney. He is responsive, empathetic, and extremely professional. If anyone going through a hard time and in need of an attorney who is willing to do everything in his power to help stop searching. I will always recommend Lyle Law.

- Rebecca G.

I can’t say enough great things about my experience with having Kristopher as my divorce lawyer. I had another lawyer beforehand and Kristopher got done in a couple months what my previous lawyer barely started completing. Kristopher is just an all around knowledgeable, efficient and effective divorce lawyer that you should have on your side to get you through your divorce.

- Julie S.

Kris did a wonderful job helping my mom navigating through her divorce case. Kris always provided timely updates on the case and was able to help finalized the case in a timely manner. Additionally, my mom had to go back to Kris for help getting the ex to follow the term of the divorce agreement. Kris was able to help my mom resolved that issue as well. Kris is wonderful to work with, listen to our issue, and able to provide excellence guidance.

- Kultida T.

Kris is extremely responsive! He did a great job and helped me to feel comfortable in an uncomfortable situation. I appreciate him and would use him for legal matters again.

- Kimberly S.

Kris did a great job help getting my trust, and will setup. Particularly with the stay at home orders in place in Kansas, they helped make the process as smooth as possible.

- Brandon M.

Kris did an awesome job assisting my wife in here child support case. The case had gone through 5 lawyers over the past 6 years and Kris was able to come in and close it out quickly and to our satisfaction! He is an effective communicator and stupendous tactician to go along with his superior intellect. I would recommend Kris hands down to anyone who is in need of his services. He is very responsive and that is just another great positive!

- David C.

Mr. Lyle and his staff were very helpful, when at times I know it was trying. We would hire Lyle Law again, if he was available. Excellent and professional law office.

- Carolyn R.

I had a fantastic experience working with Kris. Like many on here, Kris was not my first attorney through my divorce process, but he was hands down the best. His communication throughout the process was outstanding. He was very easy to get a hold of, and his recommendations were very well thought out and thorough. He was also very candid with me as we assessed when or how hard to push on certain issues, which I was very appreciative of. I would look no further than Kris for anyone going through the divorce process.

- Chad

Future single dads listen up!!! This is the only attorney you need. He knows his stuff like no other attorney and believe me I went through 3 others. I highly recommend Kristopher Lyle. You can be sure that dads equal rights will be served!!

Thanks Kris for you help and allow me to have a financial life with my kids!

- Steve M.

Bulldog mentality. If it’s not moving along, Kris moves it along. As a father, I spent over three years with another attorney to get nowhere. In a little over a month, I now have more time with my child, and a more clear parenting plan than before.

100% recommend for any parents out there that fight for more time with their children.

- Justin Y.

Kris is quick to respond via email or phone call. He does what he says he can do and doesn't beat around the bush. He's a straight shooter and doesn't BS you. I'd use him again, no doubt and would highly recommend him to anyone needing a good attorney!

- Jason R.

I personally have never had to use a lawyer for custody before so I had no idea where to start my search. I was going off of friend referrals at first. The first person that was referred said they would only help if its non contested without even wanting to hear my case prior to giving me that answer. This person then reccomended another lawyer. I called them they never returned my phone calls after leaving four messages they said they weren’t available unless it was uncontested. This lead me to my search online for a custody lawyer.

All of these reviews about him are so true. This lawyer is honest, fair, patient and extremely helpful!! While everyone else I tried calling seemed irritated by the call at all. Kris is eager to help, extremely patient in listening, and even wanting to provide consultation on a Friday afternoon before the Fourth of July week.

If anyone ever asks me if I can suggest anyone he will be the only one I will reccomend! I wish more lawyers understood what he does. In these type of situations, we have already been through so much to get to this point emotional and even often times physical. It’s nice to have someone with people skills on the other end of the phone. He was the only lawyer I spoke to that did.

Thank you for your kindness and extreme professionalism in handling my questions!

- Christine

I met with a few attorneys before I was fortunate enough to find Kris to represent me in a child custody matter. I can't say enough positive things about the way he handled my case. He is incredibly knowlegable, efficient, professional and was very prompt with filings and responding to my questions. Thanks again, Kris.

- Chris L.

Kris was super helpful during the late stages of my divorce. I sought him for a second opinion, and he provided some great information. He told me what I needed to hear - regardless of what I wanted to hear. He was very professional, while remaining easy-going and easy to talk to. He was also very prompt with his correspondence, which is a big deal (and something one does not always get with every law firm).

- Drew H.

Kris is very knowledgeable in his field. He always reassured me when necessary and helped me through one of the most difficult times in my life. He is very responsive and dependable and I highly recommend him!

- Sydni T.

Kris and Catherine did an amazing job helping me out prior to getting married. Professional and patient they are on top of it. Communication on their end is top notch. Very thorough on explaining everything to me in detail. Thank you again

- Curtis W.

Kris and Catherine were amazinggg. They helped me out and the last minute when all looked lost. They kept me in the loop on everything. When I didn’t understand something they took the time to break it down to make sense for me. They always responded back to my emails in a timely fashion, and returned phone calls without delay. Even when I was in a different time zone they made accommodations to make sure we all were on the same page. I could go on and about how great this firm is. No BS these guys are good. Thank you for everything!!!!

-Enrico W.

I came to Kristopher after having an awful experience with a previous Attorney. From the moment Kristopher took on my case he provided excellent legal advice and guidance during a difficult/stressful time. He answered rapidly to my emails, kept me updated, and made sure my case moved as quickly as possible, while also making sure everything was in my best interest. The outcome of my case was better than I had planned. I highly recommend him for Family Legal Services. He is a wonderful Attorney and a great person.

-Alixandria C.

Kris was an amazing attorney. He was very professional and patient. I used him for my divorce. He made this difficult journey easier by being attentive and compassionate. His professionalism and knowledge that he displayed throughout the process made it that much more easier. He takes lead and gives you assurance through his actions. He was very responsive to my needs and concerns. He never leaves you hanging even if he is busy with another case, he always calls or emails with updates, and he is easy to get a hold of. I appreciate his authenticity and compassion. Most attorneys are after the money but he is after what is right and fair. He is like your bestfriend who never leaves your corner. I had two lawyers prior to Kris and neither one of them cared or delivered the way Kris did. If you are looking for someone who is compassionate, authentic, and displays integrity who you can trust, then he is your guy. Words are one thing but actions are another, and Kris proves himself through his actions. I highly recommend Kris, I would definitely use him again.

-Shannon T.

I was involved in a complex litigation with a business entity for many months. I did not have a lot of experience with Lawyers and was concerned going into this litigation. Kris was a strong advocate for me, and he made sure I clearly understood the process and how to achieve the best results for me. He was professional with his work and his recommendations. His work was exceptional, timely and was fair with his time. I highly recommend him to anyone going through a dispute with an individual or business entity. He can help you achieve a fair and just result.

-Bryan B.

Kris nipped things right in the bud. He is always in my corner. I highly recommend him!

-Pauline D..

Kris is tremendously knowledgeable and great to work with. Always quick to reply and offers excellent guidance! Highly recommended.

-Yosef S.

Kristopher Lyle is hands down the best lawyer I have ever hired. He handles divorce/custody cases very professionally and gets the job done! I had a difficult case, however Kris was able to hash it out exactly as he said he could. He is very realistic and hardworking! For example, he was on vacation and still Skyped me to make sure things were moving accordingly. Would recommend him to anyone! Thank you Kris for all you’ve done for us and all you will do in advance!

-T.J. T.

Kris did a wonderful job representing me through divorce proceedings. As you will read in many of the other reviews, his communication is clear, precise, and completed in timely fashion. His professionalism was never in doubt and as a fellow small business owner, I will gladly refer clients and friends to him for family and/or business law needs.

-J. Scott F.

I was being sued for custody by my ex-husband and really didn’t know who to turn to. Lyle Law LLC, had amazing reviews so I decided to reach out to him. As soon as I met him I knew that he was going to do everything he could to ensure my success in the case. I was immediately at ease. I felt prepared for the case and was able to walk in with confidence. His professionalism and pointed questions during the trial was amazing. We won the case! If you are wondering who you should trust with such important matters in your life, Kristopher Lyle is it!

-Christina L.

Very knowledgeable and genuinely cared about the best outcome for my family. Would definitely recommend to friends or family for family law matters.

-Michael P.

Had nothing but a great experience with Lyle Law. Answered all my questions quickly and promptly. Was good to have someone on my side. Would definitely recommend.

-Dennis S.

Kristopher was so professional and understanding during such an emotional time. He was extremely prompt getting back me with questions I had, even on the weekends. I highly recommend him!!

-Christie A.

Chris is brilliant and compassionate! He is 5 steps ahead and looks for a win-win solution. He listens, advises and is very tactful in his approach. He promptly returns calls and emails! He has walked the walk in regards to divorce and custody issues. I was very impressed with how he presented himself and my case in court! If you are looking for a superstar without an ego Chris is the lawyer to call!

-Jodi K.

Needed a modification done on my divorce. Someone told me about him and the process was great a lot better than my divorce lawyer that worked with me. He was very fast through messages with me and stayed in contact with me. He would usually respond to every message within an hr or less even in the evening. He did my modification very quickly and handled it great.

-Liz H.

Kristopher represented me during my divorce. Although my situation was straightforward, every step of the process was new to me and I had many questions. Kristopher was extremely responsive to everything I needed and resolved my case quickly. Highly recommend.

-Kim K.

Kris did an amazing job for my Custody Battle! He was persistent and stayed on top of his work and knew my file like the back of his hand! I would highly recommend Kris to anyone that needs help with a divorce or a custody battle!

-Mandy L.

Kris has done an excellent job representing me the past two years with a long and challenging parenting modification case. He has been very kind and professional to work with and genuinely cares about what is best for my children. He displays integrity and does not engage in the drama that is often seen in family law. Kris has consistently been very responsive to messages, gives me his honest opinions and is always well prepared for hearings. I highly recommend Kris for any legal matters you need assistance with.

- Shannon J.

Personable, professional and genuine. Kris has the ability to be straight forward and provide you honest feedback. He is trustworthy and extremely easy to talk to!

- Allison C.

Review long overdue but here we go. If you're looking for a personable family lawyer who doesn't give you the creeps and also knows he stuff, Kris is your man. He helped me out when i was in a big bind and i even got a christmas card from him even though my retainer was run out. I would highly recommend him to anyone in a bind.

Thanks again Kris.

- Brian S.

We had a backyard project go South and when the contractors walked off the job and left us in a state of chaos, it became clear that we wouldn’t be able to resolve the situation without legal representation. Kris was able to reach a settlement for us, and I firmly believe we wouldn’t have seen a penny without him. We have continued to use Kris for other things like estate planning. We don’t hesitate to recommend Kris to family and friends.

- Julie B.

I’ve had to contact Kris repeatedly even after going to court. He’s been great. VERY responsive to messages, he’s honest, isn’t out to just get your money. He does a great job, gives you his honest opinion and certainly puts in the time. Thank you Kris!

- Casey N.

"Honest and hard working. Thanks."

- Nick R.

Kris, at Lyle Law, did such an amazing job with the modification of my current custody orders. He was beyond prepared for court, and our outcome is a result of that. I couldn't be happier, and will continue to use his services for any future issues.

- Tiffany K.

"Kris came highly recommended to me by both other attorneys as well as former clients. He was fantastic to work with throughout my divorce. He was so responsive and on top of my case that he made me feel like I was his only client. I would highly recommend Kris and Lyle Law for your family law needs."

- Amanda B.

"I couldn't recommend Kris enough. I hired him for a lengthy collections battle and boy did he come through. He not only got me my money, but he also successfully got me attorneys fees plus interest. Kris was successfully able to collect over $58k in money owed! I would highly recommend Kris to anyone who is looking for an attorney to represent them with professionalism, aggressiveness, and a supreme knowledge of the law. I will be using Kris again in the future. Thanks, Kris!"

- J.

"Lyle Law is a very well organized, professional and friendly firm. I highly recommend for any situation!"

- Leigh S.

"Great experience. Mr. Lyle is attentive, thorough, and realistic. This firm is highly recommended."

- Jay W.

"In the summer of 2014, we did a complete backyard renovation that included a pool. What was suppose to be our backyard oasis became our backyard nightmare. Nearly everything had some sort of major issue and ultimately, the county revoked our permit for use. The contractors had all walked off the job, and we were powerless to fix the situation. When a trusted friend and contractor advised us to seek counsel, we asked for a reference and he suggested Kristopher Lyle at Lyle Law. Over the course of 2 years, I have come to know and respect Kristopher and his ability to practice law and represent the consumer. His relentless pursuit of a fair outcome led to a sizeable settlement that we would have never gotten without him. He is a true professional and an expert litigator. I am thankful that we chose him to represent us. Without a doubt, we would choose him again as our counsel."

- Julie B.

"Kris is a fantastic lawyer and gets the job done!"

- Tristian D.

"Kris helped me through a difficult divorce with patience and wisdom. He focuses on getting the job done and is Fair and professional. He will get back with you quickly and has excellent follow through. Would highly recommend."

- Gina D.

"Kris was kind, compassionate, and took the time to listen and address every issue."

- Nicki B.

"Kris Lyle is a wonderful lawyer who is there for his clients 24/7. He is very professional, personable and is there for you every step of the way. I recommend him 100% for anyone who needs help in any situation."

- Anne D.

"Thanks for all of your help, hard work, follow up and explanations. Kristopher has been excellent to work with. Give him a call."

-Brian R.

"Thank you for all your help! It wouldn't have happened without you."

- Cindy H.

"Kris helped out on a situation and didn't let it get out of control. He understands how to address the issue from a legal aspect to ensure the best results. I would highly recommend Lyle Law LLC."

- James B.

"Kris is a pro. Thanks again for taking care of me. - M.H.."

- Michael H.

"Kris is the type of Lawyer you can trust with your best friend. He helped me through a devastating divorce. He was kind, compassionate, and firm where and when it counted! I have custody of my daughter (which was in her best interest) and that is a life security Kris sought to ensure for my little girl. His services were at reasonable prices, yet what I received from them were entirely priceless. Thank you Kris for helping our family when we needed it the most!"

- Crystal D.

"I would highly recommend Kris Lyle. Kris has been very helpful and kind throughout the last several years. I reached out to Kris for help and advice on many aspects of helping my elderly mother with her financial affairs. Kris is knowledgeable regarding trusts, power of attorney, medicare, social security, and quick to respond to my emails and phone calls. He went above and beyond, and was very respectful of our family and my Mom."

- Beth H.

"Kris helped in my son's divorce case. I was very please with the way he handle things in court. The other attorney in the case was rude, arrogant and was even saying things that had no bearing on the case. Kris was very professional and his character far out weighed the other attorney.

He is also helping with another case for me. He has been prompt in answering all my questions, it's nice to talk with someone who knows their job. He has been prompt in getting back to me, even getting in touch with me on Saturday just to follow through on his promise to call me.

I would highly recommend Kris Lyle if you are in need of a attorney."

- Pam K.

"Kris was professional in every way. We had a bit of a complicated case and communication was key. Kris kept us in the loop every step of the way and we felt like our position was represented very well. I would and have recommended Kris to all my friends and family. Overall our experience was fantastic and I will certainly use Lyle Law in the future."

- David M.

"We work on a routine basis with Kris and he has been fantastic. Quick turn around times and easy to communicate with. Always professional, we will continue to look to Lyle Law for our legal needs."

- Jon A.

"Lyle Law is an amazing firm, and I have suggested to all my friends and family to use Kris if they should need too. He was very helpful and followed through on absolutely everything, making sure that I was taken care of. I will definitely be using him again in the future! "

- Austin H.

"Kristopher Lyle at Lyle Law LLC was absolutely amazing in helping me with my legal matters. Kristopher is very knowledgeable and answered all my questions in a timely manner. His mannerisms and confidence made me feel at ease. I would recommend him to any of my friends and family in the future!!! "

- Cameo A.

"Kris is a very knowledgeable attorney who you want in your corner."

- Kimberly K.

"Mr. Lyle was very attentive and was able to answer all of my questions. I would highly recommend him to those of you who are looking for great representation."

- Ryan N.

"Kris is a lawyer with a heart of compassion for people. He listens and advises in way that meets the needs of his clients. Thank you Kris for all your help!"

- Peggy S.

"Kris helped me out immensely, with some estate planning for my Mother. I would highly recommend sitting down with him, for any of your estate planning needs."

- Randy B.